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yellow sapphire gemstone pukhraj gemstones

yellow sapphire gemstone pukhraj gemstones

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Certified Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj gemstones are the Gemstone for Planet JUPITER. Jupiter is a natural benefice planet.Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj gemstone removes the delays in marriage for a female. Many times there are unnecessary hindrances in getting a suitable match for a girl.

Pukhraj is the Hindi name for yellow sapphire, though it is also used in India to refer to the more common yellow sapphire.Ceylon Sri Lanka positively produces the finest all-round Sapphires.

Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj gemstones should be worn in gold on the first finger of right hand on Thursday Brihaspativar. Yellow sapphire Pukharaj worn for knowledge, wisdom. An unmarried person would get married soon and an individual with no issue would definitely have one.


Siddh Brihaspati Mantra


“Om Vishnave Namaha”


Way of wearing:


Taking Original yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstones it with the Ganga water and wear it.

Properties of certified yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstone:-

Planet: Jupiter, Brihaspati
Weight Size: 8 Ct
Quality: Best
with Lab Tested Certificate




Original Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstones are most famously found in Japan, Sri Lanka and also in India.

Experienced Pandits can do this worship Mantra Siddhi or charged. Please give me know all your details for chanting Original yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstone.


Note: We Sales 100% original Best Quality Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstones at the best price possible!  If you are not happy with the Original yellow sapphire pukharaj gemstones. Your shipping cost will also be return.

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