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Certified Pearl Moti gemstone is one of best remedy to overcome obstacles in life due to planet Moon or Chandra. It is also known as moti. Moon is the lord of sign Cancer Karka. Moon rules over the sign of cancer and when badly placed. The English word `Pearl` comes from Middle English and from old French `Perle`. Pearl is known by different names like Moti.

The planet Moon is by nature saumya Gentle and represents the manahsthiti (mind) of the Person. The Pearl Moti gem stone is very good stone. Pearl can be used and helpful for childless couple who want their own child so that they can lead happy.

Benefits of Wearing Pearl the Gemstone gives a calming influence and keeps the minds focused and steady.

Siddh Chandrama Mantra

“Om Soam Somaya Namaha”

Moti Way of wearing:

Taking Certified Pearl Moti Gemstone wash it with the Ganga water and wear it.

Experienced Pandits can do this worship Mantra Siddhi or charged. Please give me know all your details for chanting Original Pearl Moti Gemstones.

Properties of Original Pearl Moti Gemstones

Planet: Moon, Chandrama

Weight Size: 8 Ct

Quality: Best

with Lab Tested Certificate


Certified Pearl Moti Gemstones are most famously found in China, Japan and also in India.

Note: We Sales 100% original Best Quality Pearl Moti Gemstones at the best price possible If you are not happy with the Original Pearl Moti Gemstones. Your shipping cost will also be return.

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