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emerald gemstone panna gemstones

emerald gemstone panna gemstones

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Certified Emerald Panna gemstone is for Mercury. Mercury is the smallest, high energized and powerful planet among all planets in solar system, known to provide financial gains. People of Gemini Mithun Rashi zodiac sign and Virgo Kanya Rashi can purchase Emerald to get maximum intelligence.

Emerald Panna gemstone demonstrates one’s attitude, insight and liberal nature. Emerald Gemstones Indian Name is Panna is one of the most precious gemstones. Wear an Emerald Panna gemstone to harmonize the tribulations occurred due to MERCURY.

Emerald Panna gemstone is the Gem associated to ‘BUDHA’, the planet MERCURY. As per Indian astrology, BUDHA is the son of Moon or Chandra and is the smallest planet. Worship gemstone in the way you worship a god. You should chant mantra given below.


Siddh Buddh Mantra


“Om Brama Breema Brauma Saha Budhay Namaha”


Way of wearing:


Taking Original Emerald Panna Gemstones it with the Ganga water and wear it.

Properties of Original Emerald Panna Gemstones:-

Planet: Mercury, Buddha

Weight Size: 8 Ct

Quality: Best

with Lab Tested Certificate

Emerald Panna Gemstones Source

Certified Emerald Panna Gemstones are famously found in India.

Experienced Pandits can do this worship Mantra Siddhi or charged. Please give me know all your details for chanting Original Emerald Panna Gemstones.


Note: We Sales 100% original best Quality Emerald Panna Gemstones at the best price possible!  If you are not happy with the Original Emerald Panna Gemstones. Your shipping cost will also be return.

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