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Ek mukhi rudraksha Overcomes lack personal power, prosperity. 1 mukhi rudraksha Gives concentration power and inner peace.Nepali One face Rudraksha Gives leadership qualities also skills to overcome stressful situations.1 faced rudraksha is the rarest among all face Rudraksha. A person wearing 1 faced Rudraksha enjoys all the worldly pleasures yet remains detached from them.wearer of One Face Rudraksha gains many spiritual powers, political power. wearer of ek mukhi rudraksha can reach the highest positions in politics.

ek mukhi Rudraksha is half moon shape rudraksha.One faced Rudraksha day of worship or to hold in body leads to the self-confidence and boundless energy. People have a good sense of mind. one faced Rudraksha holds the body gets rid of various kinds of barriers such as Hart Attack ghost obstacle, accidental disasters.

The chant of Rudraksha beads you should not hold her. Keep in mind that the rules devoutly holds ek mukhi Rudraksha, all their troubles and are now come. It is said that the houses where Rudraksha is worshiped, is occupied by the mother Lakshmi. Shiva is considered the favorite thing.

1 Faced Rudraksha benefits

1- from holding the one faced Rudraksha Aishwarya Lakshmi achieve fulfillment of desire is increased by having it mind stays calm.

2. ek mukhi Rudraksha is derived from holding peace.

3. 1 faced Rudraksha is lucky every day to hold each task is completed there is happiness in the family.

4. one faced Rudraksha is derived from holding all the amenities.

5- Success, wealth, prestige is in helping 1 faced Rudraksha.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha with has two items giving you

  • Kaju Shape  Ek Mukhi Rudraksha,
  • Parad Shivling,
  • Mahamrityunjay Yantra,
  • Lab Tested Certificate.

Experienced Pandits can do this worship (Mantra Siddhi or charged). Alternately if you want you can get this worship done yourself by your family Pandit.

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